Western Bean Cutworm Overview: Podcast Posted

Listen in as Dr. Julie Peterson from the University of Nebraska Lincoln discusses western bean cutworm with host Ed Zaworski in this “I See Dead Plants” podcast.

Despite the name, “bean cutworm,” cutworms do not use soybeans as host plants. They lay eggs on corn and dry edible bean crops, and the larvae feast on new growth, such as corn tassels and then maturing corn kernels. In addition to the damage they cause, western bean cutworms spread disease between plants.

Be sure to listen to the full podcast to learn:

  • Tips for identifying western bean cutworm adults
  • Life cycle details along with where and when to scout for caterpillars
  • Management options, along with which fungicides no longer have good control
  • How use of Bt traits has affected this pest
  • Whether these cutworms are cannibals
western bean cutworm with stages of maturing cocoons along with an adult moth.