Podcasts provide a fantastic opportunity to stay informed about pest issues and strategies for effective management. Listen to the latest episodes and subscribe to the following IPM-related podcasts:

I See Dead Plants

Presented by Ed Zaworski, the I See Dead Plants podcast is a captivating platform supported by the NCIPMC and the Crop Protection Network. This engaging podcast delves into the intricate narratives surrounding plants, pests, pathogens, and the complex dynamics that arise between them. Join Ed as he skillfully interviews individuals who play a crucial role in advancing pest management research and education. Tune in to the I See Dead Plants podcast for a captivating journey into the world of pest management and its impact on our lives.

Growing Pulse Crops

Pulse crops including dry edible pea, lentil, chickpea, fava bean and dry bean are healthful food choices that are also vital components of cropping systems in the north central and northwestern U.S.

The Pulse Crops Working Group hosts this informative Growing Pulse Crops podcast with all things pulse! Join them as they discuss important growing and pest management issues in the North Central region and beyond.

War Against Weeds

Sarah, Joe, and Mandy, three Extension weed scientists, on a mission to help their audience understand what it takes for farmers to fight the War Against Weeds.

The Vegetable Beet

The Vegetable Beet podcast is an interview and discussion-based program focused on vegetable production challenges and opportunities in the Midwest brought to you by the Great Lakes Vegetable Producers Network. We grow more together.

Hop Podcast

Join Michigan State University Extension for this fun and informative Hop Podcast series hosted by Rob Sirrine and Erin Lizotte!

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