Tracking data is an important part of IPM as pest populations expand and move. It can also be helpful to understand economic impacts of pest threats and details about pesticide use and effectiveness. 

National Production Data

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service provides free access to data about crops, pesticide costs, yields and more. Each search can include the entire United States or can be limited by state. 

Pest Tracking

Tracking pest populations can be useful and is often requested. A great way to track pest movement or to visualize the spread of a pest population is by using EDDMaps. Users can report a sighting or view maps of pests that are being tracked. 

Pesticide Labels

While pesticides are an important IPM tool, it is important to follow the label while using them to protect, people, pets, wildlife and the environment. 

The Environmental Protection Agency provides support for learning how to read and follow label rules on the Pesticide Labels page. 

Pesticide Options

These links provide information about registered pesticides.