2005 Annual Meeting – Columbus, OH

The first annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group conference was held at the University Plaza and Conference Center, February 23rd and 24th, in Columbus, Ohio.

2005 Presentations (all in Powerpoint)


Presenter Presentation
Brad Bergefurd Bainbridge Produce Auction
Beth Bishop Vegetable Electronic Resource Library
Jim Breinling Spinach Production
Michael Brewer Status of 2005 Farm Bill
Ron Goldy Irrigation Scheduling In Drip Systems
Jim Jasinski Precision Insecticide Injector for Cucurbits
Jim Jasinski History of Tri-State and Great Lakes Vegetable WG
Janice LeBoeuf Coordinating a Response to Tomato Bacterial Disease Outbreaks in Ontario
Liz Maynard The New Agriculture Network
Mathieu Ngouajio Cucumber Cropping Systems Impacts on Weights and Size
Larry Olsen NCR IPM Center Working Groups Overview
Steve Reiners NYS Vegetable Industry
Elaine Roddy OMAF Nitrogen Verification Project
Laura Van Eerd Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Vegetable Crops
Celeste Welty Pepper Pest Managment
John Zandstra Use of Topaz (propiconazole) for transplant size control and early maturity of processing tomato


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