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Great Lakes Urban Ag IPM

Interest in urban agriculture continues to gain traction particularly in Rust Belt cities where land re-use is a critical priority for city planners. Urban farms are developed and managed as either social (not-for-profit) or for-profit enterprises. Urban farmers are often new and beginning farmers, may be non-English speakers or from an otherwise historically underserved population, without experience in agricultural pest management. Inexperience and lack of knowledge of integrated pest management strategies have led to decreased yields aswell as decreased potential profits. To address this problem a Great Lakes Urban Agriculture working group will be formed. The objectives of the formation of this new working group will be 1) to hold a regional meeting of University agriculture professionals and stakeholders in order to develop an information sharing-network of agriculture personnel who work closely with urban farmers 2) to develop an IPM needs assessment for urban farmers and 3) develop and offer an IPM webinar series geared toward urban farmers and other stakeholders in order to serve the integrated pest management needs of this new population of farmers. The beneficiaries of activities of this working group will be urban farmers and community programs that support urban farms. These activities will help meet the goals of improved understanding of current IPM issues across disciplines, increased /new IPM knowledge, increased adoption of IPM practices and improved economic impacts for urban farmers. The outcomes of this working group will also inform the research community of IPM research needs for urban farmers.

Members and Collaborators

Project Investigators

Jacqueline Kowalski
Ohio State University