Soybean Target Spot- Podcast Episode Posted

Listen in as Dr. Tom Allen from Mississippi State University discusses soybean target spot, a disease affecting soybeans in the southern United States. The mature lesions tend to look like a target with multiple rings 1/4 in to 3/4 in in size. These lesions primarily appear in the lower to middle soybean canopy and can affect any portion of the plant from leaf to petiole to stem. 

Target spot produces spores that can survive in the soil, increasing disease populations within infected fields. The target spot pathogen can also infect cotton and over 500 other host plants. Target spot thrives in warmer areas with humid conditions, especially in tropical and subtropical climates. Listen to learn more about this disease, why it has become an issue that southern farmers ask about, and how to manage target spot infestations without promoting fungicide resistance.

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Target spot on soybean leaf. Photo by Tristen Mueller.
Target spot on soybean leaf. Photo by Tristen Mueller.