Previous Working Group Projects

To learn about the details of our Working Group grant opportunities, and how to apply, click here. All North Central IPM Center Working Groups strive to produce outputs that benefit many stakeholders, from farmers to scientists. Below is a list of our projects from the last funding cycle, and several of their projects' outputs.

Crop Protection Network (Multi-state Extension Resource for Field Crops Extension)

This project is still active as the Crop Protection Network. It allows Extension materials to be created once and then shared across programs in multiple states.


The Farming and Food Narrative Project

This project seeks to unite agricultural stakeholders, from researchers to farmers to ag businesses and organizations so that good farming practices can be implemented with benefits to farmers, citizens and society. Learn more on the Farming and Food Narrative Project website.

Agriculture and Wildlife Coexistence Working Group

The Agriculture and Wildlife Coexistence Working Group was created to help farmers with challenges associated with having wildlife near the farm, from crop damage to livestock disease. The goal was to list the problems, identify solutions and promote the solutions to growers.

Great Lakes Fruit Workers

The Great Lakes Fruit Workers Working Group unites professionals across multiple fields, from researchers to extension specialists and consultants to improve information sharing related to pest management on fruit crops. More details are on the Great Lakes Fruit Workers website or in this summary of efforts

Iowa Pest Resistance Management Program

The Iowa Pest Resistance Management Program is a collaborative effort including individuals and groups representing all parts of the Iowa community, including farmers and landowners, small and national businesses, scientists, researchers and state regulators. Together, these partners leverage resources, expertise and time to help inform the public about pest resistance, find new pest management strategies and encourage public support and adoption of these practices. Since the state plan was written, two separate community teams have taken the lead to bring attention to local pest threats, potential resistance issues, and effective management options that preserve available tools.

Extension Entomologists Working Group

This working group is welcome to all Extension Entomologists with a few meetings a year and the opportunity to connect and ask questions through the team software called Basecamp. Past success is summarized here.

Midwest Fruits Working Group