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Urban Agriculture IPM

Many cities in the North Central region have urban agriculture projects to provide quality, naturally grown local produce for city residents. These urban ag projects not only provide healthy food options to residents but also bring the community together in multiple ways. At the Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group (GLVWG) annual meeting in early 2014, four of the 19 presentations focused on Urban Ag. The idea of having an Urban Ag IPM Working Group was discussed. Even though there are many programs in many cities collaboration between cities is limited. There are numerous educational programs being offered associated with Urban Ag that could be shared with others to reduce redundancy. Currently, Urban Ag settings are not experiencing major pest problems, but as the numbers of gardens increase so will pest issues. Many of the individuals coordinating the gardens don’t have strong agriculture or IPM backgrounds, so educational resources will be needed. The NCIPMC proposes to conduct a needs assessment across the NC region to identify gaps in knowledge and educational resources. A Working Group may be formed in the future to collaborate with Urban Ag IPM programs to develop and disseminate information.