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Evaluating IPM Impacts

At the NCIPMC, we have found that evaluation shares some key characteristics with Integrated Pest Management. Similar to pest monitoring, evaluation uses the systematic collection of information to establish baselines, document changes, and determine if we have contributed to those changes. The NCIPMC collaborates with its partners to make information-based decisions about the effectiveness of our programs using a variety of evaluation tools including social network analysis and outcome-based funding.

In addition, we conduct IPM evaluations at the Center to document our programs’ outcomes and impacts to communicate the important achievements of the NCIPMC and its associated programs to USDA NIFA, Congress, and the public.

AEA Extension Education Evalution TIG Webinars

The webinar recording of National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) National Program Leader Marty Draper talking about developing common measures for Extension IPM is now available at the link below. Over 50 people attended. The recording is a little rough for the first few minutes because of participants not muting their microphones. http://evaltoolsonline.com/ExtensionEvaluation/ Links to the other evaluation tools are also included on the site.

The next webinar is July 13, 2016 and is called "A Virtual Reality: AEA & NAEPSDP 2016 Partnership Opportunities" presented by our TIG member, Dr. Karen Ballard.  For those who struggle with this acronym it stands for National Association of Extension Program & Staff Development Professionals.  Their website is at: http://naepsdp.tamu.edu/

Evaluation Resources

A Toolkit for Assessing IPM Outcomes and Impacts, a web-based resource for researchers and extension scientists with a background in agriculture or natural science, who are preparing proposals for conducting studies requiring impact assessment evaluations.

North Carolina State University Extension Evaluation Website, a website that provides educational resources and evaluations tools to help Extension agents learn how to conduct Extension evaluations. Useful sample templates are provided.

My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant, a web-based resource to support evaluation efforts of environmental educators.