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Public Tick IPM Working Group

Led by Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America, Inc., Madison, WI, ipmworks@ipminstitute.org

The spread of tick pathogens poses a serious threat to public health in the North Central region and beyond, and we believe a new tick IPM Working Group is warranted to tackle shortfalls in existing IPM tools and techniques to manage ticks. Researchers have documented rapid range expansions of ticks and the pathogens they carry into areas of the North Central Region and a concomitant rise in the incidence of tick-borne disease. The Public Tick Working Group will include individuals from land grant universities, NGOs, NPOs, private industry and government agencies. This diverse membership allows us to move beyond the limitations of federal members to develop IPM recommendations and resources for ticks and tick-borne disease. The 2014 objectives are to: 1) distill information from sources such as the 2013 Tick-Borne Disease IPM Conference Report and other into a concise list of priorities and possible projects for tick IPM; 2) submit a minimum of two project proposals to funding sources for projects that address one or more top-ranked priorities; and 3) coordinate monthly Public Tick IPM Working Group conference calls.