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School IPM Working Group

Led by Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America, Inc., Madison, WI, ipmworks@ipminstitute.org

IPM in schools reduces pesticide use, residues, toxicity and pest-related asthmagens. Our working group has been working in our region and nationally to increase IPM adoption in schools since 2008, and has grown from 11 to 37 diverse stakeholders from every state in our region, with 23 members participating actively and regularly. The 2014 objectives are to: 1) collaborate with others in the region and nationally to finalize and launch standardized training and IPM certification for key roles in school IPM including IPM coordinators, facility managers and custodial, maintenance, food service, grounds maintenance and school health staff; 2) continue efforts to create the Illinois IPM Association (I-IPM), a membership organization supporting the use of IPM practices in sensitive environments; 3) evaluate Wisconsin’s Cooperative Educational Services Agency’s (CESA) model for strengths and weakness to determine if and how best to strengthen that model in Wisconsin, and to similar school-service organizations in other states; 4) identify opportunities to expand the use of iPM information tools including SchoolDude and iPest manager; 5) support ongoing coalition development and demonstrations in the North Central Region; 6) continue to coordinate monthly North Central School IPM Working Group and National School IPM Working Group Joint Steering and Advisory Committee conference calls and continue to create a monthly eNewsletter; and 7) Update our stakeholder priorities as we work towards our goal for every US public school to be practicing high- level IPM by 2015.