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Partners in IPM: Working Groups

Organic and IPM Working Group

Led by Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America, Inc., Madison, WI, ipmworks@ipminstitute.org

Organic and IPM share broad interests promoting environmental and human health in our food systems. Yet even with these shared goals, IPM and organic leaders and practitioners have few occasions to share thoughts and ideas. This Working Group will create a formal space to share ideas, build partnerships, and work together to address emerging issues common to organic and IPM communities and stakeholders. Understanding how we can be effective allies is an essential first step towards enhancing food security. As a Working Group, we will develop projects that synergize our collective knowledge, expertise and resources in order to address emerging issues for organic and IPM stakeholders and ag. The 2015 objectives are to: 1) actively recruit new group members, especially members who would broaden the geographic diversity and national scope of the group; 2) identify new priorities for research, education and outreach that mutually benefit organic and IPM; 3) develop and implement collaborative projects to address top-ranked priorities; and 4) continue to coordinate monthly Organic and IPM Working Group conference calls.

Organic and IPM Working Group Members

Abby Seaman, NYS IPM Program
Alec McErlich, Earthbound Farm
Ann Hazelrigg, University of Vermont
Bob Scowcroft
Brian Baker, Northeast Farmers Association of New York and Cornell University
Brian Bodah, Washington State University Extension Pierce County
Brise Tencer, Organic Farming Research Foundation
Catherine Greene, USDA ERS
Cliff Ohmart, SureHarvest
Dan Cooley, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Univ. of Mass., Amherst
Dave Mortensen, Penn State
David Granatstein, Washington State University
Deirdre Birmingham, The Cider Farm
Diana Jerkins, Organic Farming Research Foundation
Elaine Bodah Thaines, University of Washington, ProGene Plant Research
Elaine Wolff, Center for Innovation for Teaching & Learning
Ellen Mallory, University of Maine
Eric Ritchie, McCain Foods
Erin Silva, UW Madison Department of Plant Pathology
Ferd Hoefner, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Frank Louws, NSF-Center for IPM, North Carolina State University
Fred Kirschenmann, Leopold Center
Geoff Zehnder, Clemson University
Grace Gershuny, GAIA Services
Jaime PiƱero, Lincoln University
Jana Hexter, Northeastern IPM Center
Jean Haley, North Central C IPM Center
Jeanine Davis, NC State University Department of Horticultural Science
Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute
Jennifer Miller, Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
Jennifer Owens, Marrone Bio Innovations
Jim Durst, Durst Organic Growers, Inc.
John Lyman, Lyman Orchards
Joji Muramoto, University of California Santa Cruz
Juli Obudzinski, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Karen McSwain, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
Katherine DiMatteo, Wolf, DiMatteo + Associates
Kathleen Delate, Iowa State University
Ken Martin, Furmano Foods Inc
Kevin Judd, Northeastern IPM Center
Kimberly Steinmann, California Dept of Pesticide Regulation
Kwesi Ampong-Nywarko, Green Acres Agricultural Group
Linda Kleinschmidt
Liz Ryan, Breezy Hill Orchard
Logan Peterman, Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative
Lyn Garling, PA IPM Program
Lynnae Jess, North Central IPM Center
Mark Lipson, USDA-OSEC-MRP
Matt Grieshop, Organic Pest Management Lab at Michigan State University
Megan O'Rourke, Virginia Tech Department of Horticulture
Michael Rozyne, Red Tomato
Michael Zeiss, California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR)
Michelle Miller, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Nancy Cusumano, Northeastern IPM Center
Paul Wolfe, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Rex Dufour, The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)
Sarah Brown, Oregon Tilth
Sarah Johnston, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets
Steve Young, Northeastern IPM Center
Sue Futrell, Red Tomato
Theresa Marquez, Organic Valley, CROPP
Thomas Green, IPM Institute
Tim Johnson, Marrone Bio Innovations
William Stoneman, Bio-Pesticide Industry Alliance
Yifen Liu, Northeastern IPM Center