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Northern Plains IPM Guide Working Group

The purpose of the Northern Plains Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Guide Working Group is to increase the adoption of IPM practices in both agricultural and urban settings in the Plains area of the North Central region. Historically, our focus has been on insects and diseases in production crops. More recently, we have added an additional focus on urban IPM. Our main working group project is developing the Northern Plains IPM Guide (www.npipm.org), which is available on the web and also as an award-winning smartphone app for iPhone and Android. The IPM Guide is a work in progress, with chapters currently available on Soybean Insects, Soybean Diseases, Corn Insects, and Urban IPM. Other chapters will be built over time. Chapter contain pest pages with information on biology, identification, and management. Some chapters contain additional features and tools, such as animated scouting videos.


Kelley Tilmon (SDSU)
Sue Blodgett (Iowa State)
Bob Wright (UNL)
Brian McCornack (KSU)
Bruce Potter (U of M)
Deirdre Prischmann (NDSU)
Erin Hodgson (Iowa State)
Thelma Heidel (Iowa State)
Ian MacRae (U of M)
Janet Knodel (NDSU)
Jeff Bradshaw (UNL)
Ken Ostlie (U of M)
Louis Hesler (USDA-ARS)
Tom Hunt (UNL)

Plant Pathology
Albert Tenuta (Ontario Ministry of Ag)
Christopher Little (KSU)
Dean Malvick (U of M)
Greg Tylka (Iowa State)
Larry Osborne (Pioneer)
Loren Giesler (UNL)
Marcia McMullen (NDSU)
Michael Wunsch (NDSU)
Daren Mueller (Iowa State)
Samuel Markell (NDSU)
Adam Sisson (Iowa State)
Tamra Jackson (UNL)

Ashley Mueller (SDSU)
Joe LaForest (Bugwood), Web administrator
Nishan Majarian (Agrian)
Cable Hardin (SDSU professor of visual arts)

Northern Plains Integrated Pest Management IPM Guide Working Group Priorities

  1. Make IPM information more available to the public and to IPM specialists via the Northern Plains IPM Guide.
  2. Increase communication and collaboration among IPM specialists in the region by working on this Guide together.

Additional Information

The Northern Plains IPM Guide is hosted by Bugwood at the following link. This site also contains links to download the app version for iPhone or Android: