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Green Infrastructure and Implications for Management of Vector Mosquitoes Working Group

Led by Brian Allan, University of Illinois, ballan@illinois.edu

Roadside catch basins (CBs) and other stormwater management structures that retain urban runoff are key aquatic habitats for the production of mosquitoes that vector West Nile Virus (WNV) to humans in the North Central (NC) region. Local, state and federal policies are increasingly restricting the volume of stormwater runoff permitted to discharge from developed land, and are promoting the use of Green Infrastructure (GI) tools to comply with these restrictions. While there has been considerable effort to quantify the performance and cost-benefits of GI tools for managing stormwater, their potential impacts on vector mosquito production in stormwater systems, and implications for Integrated Vector Management (IVM), have received little attention. We predict that GI-based strategies for stormwater management will alter the seasonal and spatial distribution of vectors in urban landscapes by reducing the volume and frequency of runoff reaching CBs and other conventional stormwater management structures and by providing additional habitats that could be suitable for vector development (e.g. rain gardens). To effectively manage the public health risk posed by WNV, it is critical that we understand how emerging GI-based strategies are likely to affect vector population dynamics. We propose to form a working group of scientists and practitioners from the fields of vector ecology, public health, and stormwater engineering and management to critically review this. The three objectives of our WG are: 1) Increase stakeholder awareness of the potential for GI tools to affect vector control and public health risk; 2) Expand regional representation within WG. 3) Facilitate future, collaborative research studies evaluating the impacts of GI on the ecology and management of mosquito vectors.

Green Infrastructure Practices for Stormwater Management and Mosquito Control: The "mosquito" working group of the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center (NCIPMC) was awarded a 2014 grant for $30,000. The group met their objectives in just one year and is continuing their project with a grant from the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment at the University of Illinois (iSEE).