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Great Lakes Hop Working Group

Spotlight on Great Lakes Hop Working Group

The Great Lakes Hop Working Group (GLHWG), funded by a grant from the North Central Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center, formed in 2016 to provide region-specific pest management support to producers in remerging hop production areas outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Keenan Amundsen, University of Nebraska, kamundsen2@unl.edu
Cathy Bakker, University of Guelph, cbakker@uoguleph.ca
Fulya Baysal Gurel, Ohio State University, gurel.2@osu.edu
Brad Bergefurd, Ohio State University, bergefurd.1@osu.edu
Lilian Claderwood, Cornell Cooperative Extension, lbc75@cornell.edu
Jerry Clark, University of Wisconsin, jerome.clark@ces.uwex.edu
Diana Cochran, Iowa State University, dianac@iastate.edu
Jed Colquhoun, University of Wisconsin, colquhoun@hort.wisc.edu
Heather Darby, University of Vermont, heather.darby@uvm.edu
Jeanine Davis, North Carolina State University, jeanine_davis@ncsu.edu
Tanner Delvalle, Penn State, TCD125@psu.edu
Tom Dudek, Michigan State University, dudek@anr.msu.edu
Carl Duley, University of Wisconsin, carl.duley@ces.uwex.edu
Evan Elford, OMAFRA, evan.elford@ontario.ca
Amy Fang Shi, University of Guelph, afangshi@uoguelph.ca
Melanie Filotas, OMAFRA, melanie.filotas@ontario.ca
Mary Gardiner, Ohio State University, gardiner.29@osu.edu
Ann George, Hop Growers of America/Washington Hop Commission, ageorge@wahops.org
Amanda Gevens, University of Wisconsin , gevens@wisc.edu
Thom Harker, Ohio State University, harker.7@osu.edu
Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, North Dakota State University, h.hatterman.valenti@ndsu.edu
Mary Hausbeck, Michigan State University, hausbec1@msu.edu
Joshua Havill, University of Minnesota, havil008@umn.edu
Doug Higgins, Michigan State University, higgi160@msu.edu
Lori Hoagland, Purdue University, lhoaglan@purdue.edu
Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University, ewh@iastate.edu
Lynnae Jess, NC IPM Centre, jess@cns.msu.edu
Katie Krueser, University of Nebraska, kek234@cornell.edu
Erin Lizotte, Michigan State University, taylo548@anr.msu.edu
Michelle Marks, University of Wisconsin, memarks2@wisc.edu
Judith Martin, Purdue University, marti861@purdue.edu
Jason McCallum, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Jason.McCallum@agr.gc.ca
Grant McCarty, University of Illinois, gmccarty@illinois.edu
Mary Ruth, McDonald, University of Guelph, mrmcdona@uoguelph.ca
Rachel Medina, The Ohio State , rmed057@gmail.com
Stephanie Mehlenbacher , Cornell University, sms64@cornell.edu
Sally Miller, Ohio State University, miller.769@osu.edu
Steve Miller, Cornell University, sgm6@cornell.edu
Aaron Mills, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, millsaaron@gmail.com
Angela Orshinsky, University of Minnesota, aorshins@umn.edu
Sara Patterson, University of Wisconsin, spatters@wisc.edu
Diane Peck, Ohio State University, peck.258@osu.edu
Christopher Philips, University of Minnesota, cphilips@umn.edu
Ben Phillips, Michigan State University, phil406@anr.msu.edu
Lina Rodriguez, Iowa State University, linarodrig@gmail.com
Charlie Rohwer, University of Minnesota, rohw0009@umn.edu
Holly Scoggins, Virginia Tech, hollysco@vt.edu
Laura Siegle, Virginia Tech, laurab08@vt.edu
Rob Sirrine, Michigan State University, sirrine@msu.edu
Chelsea Smith, Ohio State University, smith.7231@osu.edu
Kyla Splichal, North Dakota State University, kyla.splichal@ndsu.edu
Kathleen Sprouse, Kathleen.sprouse@gmail.com
Al Sutherland, University of Guelph, asuthe02@uoguelph.ca
Julien Venne, Independent agronomist, julien.venne@mapaq.gouv.qc.ca
Andre Venter, Western Michigan University, ventandre@gmail.com
Laurie Vial, NC IPM Centre, lvial@illinois.edu
Elizabeth Wahle, University of Illinois Extension, wahle@illinois.edu
Tim Weigle, Cornell University, thw4@cornell.edu
Ben Werling, Michigan State University, werlingb@anr.msu.edu
Michael Wilcox, Purdue University, wilcox16@purdue.edu
Shawn Wright, University of Kentucky, shawn.wright@uky.edu
Bernard Zandstra, Michigan State University, zandstra@msu.edu

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