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Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group

The Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group formed in 2015 as a forum to engage diverse stakeholders from across different industry sectors, leverage knowledge and resources to improve management practices in all types of rights-of-way landscapes, and promote pollinator habitats and healthy ecosystems through education, collaboration, data collection and management, and metrics and target development. The working group addresses crucial needs identified by utility and transportation organizations, government agencies, conservation groups, and other key stakeholders to create and enhance habitat, contribute valuable conservation action to reverse declining pollinator populations, and shape standards of practice for rights-of-way and other managed landscapes going forward.

In support of these outcomes, the Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois-Chicago will continue its facilitation and coordination activities, including organizing a face-to-face working group meeting in October 2017, hosting two educational webinars during the project year, and developing an online membership directory to facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among working group participants.

The Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group aligns with key regional priorities as well as those of the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center, including training and partnership building, benefits to pollinators, and improved cost-benefit analyses for integrated pest management (IPM) and other sustainability-focused practices. The working group also advances a number of the desired outcomes including increased understanding and adoption of IPM, improved information exchange, and collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

Members and Collaborators

Key Personnel:
Iris Caldwell, Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois-Chicago iriscald@uic.edu