Partners in IPM: Working Groups

Working Group for Public Gardens as Sentinels against Invasive Plants

Primary Project Director: Kurt Dreisilker, The Morton Arboretum
Co-PD: Theresa Culley, Midwest Invasive Plant Network

The Morton Arboretum and the Midwest Invasive Plant Network will establish a working group that will focus on utilizing the knowledge and resources of public gardens to reduce future introductions of ornamental invasive plant species. The working group expands on the recommendations of previous discussions between public gardens on this subject. The Public Gardens as Sentinels against Invasive Plants (PGSIP) Working Group will perform critical exploratory work and constituency engagement. The long-term goal of PGSIP is to build a formalized program and technology platform for the sharing of data on plants escaping cultivation collected by public gardens and arboreta staff at their sites across the United States and Canada. This information will be used by public gardens and by other stakeholders to issue early warnings about high-risk species before they are widely naturalized and recognized as invasive, with the expectation that informed business leaders and consumers will not integrate high-risk species into the commercial plant and landscaping trade. By preventing ornamental plants from becoming invasive, we can avoid substantial future ecosystem impacts and costs of treatment.


Working Group Membership List



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Tricia Bethke


Jan Merryweather


Rhoda Maurer


Matt Lobdell


Jessica Schuler


Brittany North


Clair Ryan


Kurt Dreisilker


Theresa Culley


Hans Landel