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Multi-State Field Crops Extension Working Group

A new organization called the Crop Protection Network (CPN) was created to serve as infrastructure for field crop Extension outputs from a diverse set of collaborators in the North Central Region and beyond. The CPN consists of a regional network of land-grant universities in the United States, and closely related organizations in Canada. To date, this group has primarily involved plant pathologists and focused on field crop disease outputs. Because successful crop protection and production involves much more than disease management, this group would like to involve scientists from other disciplines such as entomology, weed science, and agronomy, as well as more scientists and Extension specialists in plant pathology. Outputs from the CPN thus far include 24 publications in the form of Extension bulletins and scouting guides on a variety of crop protection-related topics. The focus of this Working Group is to expand the CPN by recruiting scientists from other disciplines and engaging with scientific societies, IPM centers and regulatory entities to discuss partnerships. Expansion of the CPN will provide a “stage” where knowledge sharing or collaboration in extension efforts can be introduced, considered, or facilitated, and then be leveraged across multiple crop-growing regions. This project has a direct benefit to the North Central region by providing current and timely Extension material to aid in the identification and management of existing and emerging problems, and provides information on issues lacking Extension information.

Members and Collaborators

Daren Mueller, Iowa State University dsmuelle@iastate.edu
Kiersten Wise, Purdue University
Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky
Marty Chilvers, Michigan State University
Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska
Damon Smith, University of Wisconsin
Albert Tenuta, University of Ontario
Adam Sisson, Iowa State University
Anna Freije, Purdue University