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Extension Crop Entomologist Working Group

Led by Bob Wright, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, rwright2@unl.edu
Click here for a full list of Extension Crop Entomologist WG members.

The North Central Extension Entomologists Working Group promotes sharing of timely information about the pest status and proven management practices of important crop insect pests that facilitates effective extension education programs in our states. Insect and mite pests annually threaten a significant portion of acres across the region, producing a continuing need for Extension educational resources and programs to provide IPM solutions for these problems. The North Central Extension Entomologists Working Group will use several activities to accomplish our goals, including 1) share information through regular teleconferences, wiggio.com site; 2) have annual face-to-face meeting; 3) co-sponsor Symposium at 2014 North Central Branch ESA meeting; 4) conduct webinar on stored grain insect management; and 5) conduct regional survey of spider mite susceptibility to miticides. These activities will allow us to address significant issues related to field crop insect management in the region and beyond.

Spotlight on North Central Field Crop Extension Entomologists

Extension field crop entomologists in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) North Central Region were looking for a platform for networking and sharing knowledge when they formed a working group in 2007 and were funded by a grant from the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center (NCIPMC) a year later. Funding for Field Crop Extension Entomologists had declined greatly over the previous decade, and many states had only one faculty member covering these large acreage crops in a state.