Partners in IPM: Working Groups

Agriculture and Wildlife Coexistence Working Group

Primary Project Director: Erin Lizotte, Michigan State University
Co-PDs: Dedecker, James. Michigan State University; Roloff, Gary. Michigan State University

Farmers in the Great Lakes Region of the United States produce a diversity of crops. This region also supports abundant wildlife populations. As a result, crop damage by wildlife is common. However, information on how common and widespread crop damage is or the costs to farmers is lacking and resources for helping farmers address crop damage are highly varied. Wildlife IPM resources are generally under-used, often viewed as not effective, and for some types of wildlife damage they simply do not exist. To improve communication across the region between relevant agencies and Universities, the Agriculture and Wildlife Coexistence Working Group will bring together researchers, regulators, conservationists, educators, stakeholders, and resources from across the region. We currently have cooperative commitments from faculty and staff at the following universities and agencies: Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, USDA-APHIS and Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The major goals of the of the working group include; improved understanding of agriculture-wildlife conflict resources and expertise across the region, increased collaboration between participants to address ag-wildlife conflicts, improved stakeholder communication, and increased adoption of mitigation practices by producers. These efforts address the NCIPMC priority for production agriculture IPM outreach and partnerships and training for Federal, State, County Agencies and Conservation Programs. The working group efforts also align with the NCERA222 Committee priority to network and collaborate with state, regional, and federal partners working on IPM-related issues.


Working Group Membership List




E-mail Address

Gary Roloff

Michigan State University


Erin Lizotte

Michigan State University


James Dedecker

Michigan State University


David Drake

University of Wisconsin


Brian MacGowan

Purdue University


David Shiley

University of Illinois


Marne Tichenell

The Ohio State