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Provide Online IPM Training for Schools

The IPM Institute of North America proposes to develop a website to house a free school IPM training curriculum for public and tribal-school staff. Schools regularly face pest problems and children are extremely vulnerable to pests and pesticide exposure due to their developing bodies and habits. Integrated Pest Management has been proven to significantly improve health in schools by reducing human exposure to pesticides and pests. This project builds on recently created training modules for nine different school-IPM roles for custodians, school nurses, facility managers, administrators, foodservice staff, landscape and grounds staff, teachers, and maintenance staff. Upon successful completion of the training modules, participants will have the option to take an exam and receive a certificate of completion. These modules were developed by a national team of IPM experts. This project will make the training available to a wider audience and allow thorough testing of the website to assure it meets the needs of school staff. The development of this website will help increase awareness and adoption of IPM, while reducing pest complaints and pesticide use. The specialized IPM training aligns with the North Central IPM Center's priorities to increase adoption of IPM practices, improve information exchange and knowledge sharing. IPM in schools has been proven to have positive economic, environmental and human-health impact, and is directly attributed to the success of school IPM programs, another priority for the North Central IPM Center.

Members and Collaborators

Dr. Thomas Green, president, IPM Institute of North America ipmworks@ipminstitute.org
Joseph LaForest, IPM Program Coordinator at the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, commonly referred to as "Bugwood"
Justin Leatherwood, Web Developer at the IPM Institute of North America
Alina Eva Freund, Project Manager for Community IPM at the IPM Institute of North America