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A Community-Based Approach to Integrated Pest-Resistance Management Affecting Corn and Soybean: Case Studies for the North Central Region

Based on the recent adoption of a statewide Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan, this project will pilot four new community-based pest-resistance management projects that target western corn rootworm in northeast Iowa, soybean aphid in northwest Iowa, waterhemp in central Iowa, and palmer amaranth in north-central Iowa. This diverse selection of projects represents a wide range of agricultural practices, and immediate management is critical as resistant pests affecting corn and soybean have been observed or are anticipated in Iowa. The pilots are the first to incorporate community-based management, which is necessary for mobile pests, and will play a critical role in advancing long-term, effective pest-resistance management in the state. The pilot projects will examine pertinent questions to understand local pest pressures and management challenges. Community groups with strong leadership will be formed to establish resistance management plans that account for uncertainties and best options identified through research. Immediate outcomes include community awareness and attitudes that reflect a sense of urgency to proactively manage resistance development, and, by the end of Year 2, the formation of communities and initial implementation of practices followed by dissemination throughout the state and North Central Region. Long-term outcomes include changes in crop management and agribusiness practices, such as improved resistance management decision-making, use of diverse pest management techniques, and land rent leases with pest-resistance management plans. This will minimize new cases of resistance evolution and lead to sustainable pest management and reduced economic impact of pests on farming profits.

Members and Collaborators

Dr. Steven Bradbury, lead PD, spbrad@iastate.edu
Drs. Aaron Gassmann, John Miranowski, Michael Owen, and Alison Robertson will be co-PDs.
Iowa State University collaborators include Drs. J. Arbuckle, R. Hartzler, E. Hodgson, M. O'Neal, D. Mueller, K. Schafer, and G. Tylka

Collaboration to establish pilot projects will be a joint effort between AAI, ABSTC, ICGA, IFBF, IIC, the Iowa Chapter of the ASFMRA, ISA, RACs, IDALS, and ISU/CALS. Key faculty and staff from ISU/CALS represent the Departments of Agronomy, Economics, Entomology, Natural Resource Management and Ecology, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, and Sociology