May “I See Dead Plants” Podcast Episodes

Grabbing the Beetle by the Horns: An Overview of Asian Longhorn Beetle

Interviewee: Dr. Dave Coyle of Clemson University.
Meet the invasive insect, Asian longhorn beetle, which is a wood-boring insect that can reach up to two inches long. The damage adult beetles cause is minimal, but the larvae can cause significant damage to the wood of the tree. Limb and tree breakage can be dangerous; tree death is common. Listen in and learn how to eradicate this pest, when needed.

Kombating Fungi on Melon with KASP: Cucurbit Downy Mildew (CDM)

Interviewee: Dr. Sean Toporek of South Dakota State University. 
Join in to hear Dr. Toporek talk about his Ph.D. work on cucurbit downy mildew. This pathogen can cause leaf necrosis on cucurbit plants. Onset can be rapid; all leaves on a plant can die back within two weeks of infection. Learn about this pathogen and how it spreads along with control options. 

Shedding Light on Spotted Lanterfly

Interviewee: Emelie Swackhammer of Penn State University.
Hear about what happens when a new pest enters a new location and how a response is organized. Learn about what is being done to limit spread and to protect crops like grapes. Spotted lanternfly is a challenge because it has been known to feed on over 70 host plants. While they may not be able to reproduce on every type of plant, their feeding flexibility gives them a huge survival advantage. They can easily move around the landscape as well, which makes it difficult to contain spread.

Earworms, Raccoons and Smut Oh My!: An Overview of Sweet Corn and Common Pests

Interviewee: Dan Fillius, Iowa State University Commercial Vegetable and Specialty Crop Specialist
What can be done to maximize sweet corn production and profit? Dr. Fillius shares opportunities and challenges, including suggestions for managing pests like corn earworm, sap beetle, European corn borer, birds, raccoons, deer, and beaver. Pathogens tend to be less of a problem due to a relatively short plant to harvest timeline.