Cooperative Extension in Indigenous Communities: Experiences of Extension Educators: Webinar Recording Published

The March Pests and Progress webinar featured Dr. Katie Hartmann, Extension Educator at Iowa State University and DEI Director for the North Central IPM Center. Hartmann discusses how Extension outreach is being done in Indigenous communities and how this work fits into the history and ideology of the Land Grant System.
In this webinar, Dr. Hartmann shares the history of the Land Grant University system, the Morrill Acts, and the importance of wealth transfer of the land taken from indigenous persons. Dr. Hartmann also suggests ways that educators can collaborate to share expertise and serve communities by studying successful collaborations, barriers, and support opportunities.
Dr. Hartmann has found that successful educators become allies by building trust, understanding, and willingness to learn, and by centering goals on the community through collaboration and culturally relevant programming. She discusses barriers to efforts of this collaboration, including logistics, lack of knowledge, distrust, time, and racism.
Be sure to view the entire webinar to hear recommendations for successful collaborations not only within the indigenous communities, but with other educators, across campus, and across the Land Grant System.

The webinar recording is available here.