Contributor Guidelines

Below are a some tips  and guidelines adapted from MSUE News: Writer’s Guide
(2014 Michigan State University Extension)


  • Article submission includes the following components:
    • Simple, descriptive headline
    • Informative deck (subhead) that states the topic or purpose of article
    • Strong lead or introduction that outlines the main idea of the article
  • Contains an organized, logical sequence of body paragraphs
  • Ends with a clear conclusion


  • Relates to your current IPM research/education/outreach
  • Is written with a specific audience in mind (i.e., general, agricultural, urban, etc.)
  • Is educational in nature and does at least one of the following:
    • States and explains an accepted finding
    • Explains an empirical suggestion or finding
    • Explores a theoretical suggestion or finding
    • Examines all sides of an argument or controversy
    • Demonstrates the educational relevance of an up-coming IPM event/resource/publication/etc.
    • Describes other options/alternatives after making a recommendation
  • Uses valid, credible information in an unbiased manner
  • Makes use of audience-centered keywords
  • Is written in plain language (avoids over-use of jargon, especially academic)


  • Uses reputable sources. No commercial advertisements will be accepted
  • Incorporates hyperlinks to relevant or related IPM sources


  • Article components (headline, deck, keywords) are consistent with the message of the main topic and body content

Final checks

  • Run spell checker
  • Check for insensitive or questionable language
  • Check for incomplete thoughts
  • Read aloud to check sentence structure, ease of reading
  • Tracked changes accepted/declined
  • Include a photo whenever appropriate
  • All articles must be proofread/peer reviewed by two additional people before submission

NCIPMC Connection  Purpose

The purpose of the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center Connection newsletter is to provide a mechanism for the region and our partners to easily share IPM-related information that may include programs/center updates, funding, training and employment opportunities, educational resources, crop and pest updates and press releases.

NCIPMC Connection Newsletter Policies

  • Contributors must complete a registration process prior to submission of the first article.
  • Contributors may reside outside the North Central region, but information published should be relevant to IPM and the North Central region.
  • Contributors may recommend specific management tools as part of an IPM strategy, but marketing or advertising of a specific tool or company is not permitted.
  • Contributor’s name, affiliation and email address will be posted with all submissions.