Funding for Nematode Control in Latin America

Brief pre-proposals are due by April 1. An optional webinar will be held March 7, for questions and answers about this opportunity.

A $450,000 grant is available to U.S. university scientists for research on nematodeFunding opportunity control in fruits and vegetables in Honduras, Guatemala and/or Haiti.

The call for pre-proposals comes from the Horticulture Innovation Lab, a program led by UC Davis with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development. The Horticulture Innovation Lab builds international partnerships for fruit and vegetable research to improve livelihoods in developing countries.

Nematodes are critical pests for horticultural crops in Central America and the Caribbean, causing smallholder farmers to lose crops or face quarantine restrictions. Successful research projects should result in practical recommendations for smallholder farmers.

Full details are available on the at this site.

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