Pests and Progress Webinar Duo in October

The October Pests and Progress webinar will be held on Wednesday, October 13 at 1:30 pm ET, 12:30 pm CT. This webinar will feature two speakers from the University of Missouri. Be sure to register to receive the link.

Lee Miller
Lee Miller

Lee Miller, Associate Professor & IPM Coordinator, will share, “Missouri IPM Highlights.” Missouri’s central location makes it vulnerable to pests from all directions. MU Extension works to develop and share pest management resources, especially related to weeds, diseases and insects in agriculture. Miller will also talk about research related to drift issues from synthetic auxin and research about the use of impregnated netting for insect control. Details about MU Extension’s outreach efforts will also be discussed, from social media to publications and the Scouting Schools program.

MU Extension and outreach field demonstration.
Xi Xiong
Xi Xiong

Xi Xiong, Associate Professor, will share, “Developing a Novel Mechanical Strategy for Control of Billbug.” As a variety of billbug species spread throughout the United States, damage to turf is increasing, and novel species interactions have created complicated pest complexes. Without a dependable decision-making tool, there has been a heavy reliance on prophylactic and often misguided insecticide applications. These applications result in poor control of billbug populations as well as increased risk of environmental safety to humans, natural enemies, and beneficial species like pollinators, as well as an elevated economic burden for professional turfgrass managers.

Xiong will provide updates from collaboration of turf specialists and entomologists from three states, who are all working to develop innovative and sustainable approaches for the management of billbug in the urban environment using a mechanical tactic.

Bluegrass billbug and hunting billbug

Their work has three objectives:

1. Develop a Degree-Day model that predicts the biofix of billbug adults;

2. Validate and utilize a genetic tool that allow identification of billbug larvae; and

3. Develop innovative and sustainable integrated pest management (IPM) tactics by using a turf sweeper, which was initially designed for synthetic turf surfaces.  

The September Pests and Progress webinar featured Cliff Sadof from Purdue University. Sadof described updates and highlights of Indiana EIP Project, and the recording is available on the North Central IPM Center YouTube Channel.

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