Webinar: Gary Brewer to Present A Push-Pull Strategy to Manage Stable Flies

Gary Brewer profile

On Wednesday, May 19, the next Pests and Progress webinar will feature Gary Brewer, Professor of Insect Pest Management from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Brewer will share a new, useful push-pull technique for managing stable flies in cattle. It involves the use of a biopesticide with repellent and contact toxicity to stable flies as a push tactic coupled with stable fly traps that are visually and olfactorily attractive as a pull tactic. The technique was effective compared to the untreated control and performed similar to the use of permethrin, which is a standard stable fly treatment. While the technique is likely to benefit other livestock, Brewer’s trials focused on cattle.

To learn more, join us on Wednesday at 1:30 EDT (12:30 CDT). You must register to receive the link to this free online presentation.

The April Pests and Progress webinar featured Rufus Isaacs with Michigan State University and discussed gall wasp outbreak in highbush blueberries. The recording is available on the North Central IPM YouTube Channel.

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