Webinar: Rufus Isaacs to Present about Gall Wasp in Highbush Blueberries

On Wednesday, April 21, the next Pests and Progress webinar will feature Rufus Isaacs, Professor and Extension Specialist from Michigan State University. Isaacs will discuss the challenge of avoiding insect damage while producing high quality blueberry crops. Diverse IPM practices are useful to protect against insects, such as blueberry maggot, fruitworms and Japanese beetle, but the arrival of spotted-wing Drosophila required alterations to the established IPM practices. More recently, the native blueberry stem gall wasp has become more plentiful and more challenging to manage. Isaacs will discuss the process and progress of finding IPM solutions to blueberry stem gall wasp management. Make plans to join us on Wednesday at 1:30 EDT (12:30 CDT). You must register to receive the link to this free online presentation.

The March Pests and Progress webinar featured Rob Morrison, Research Entomologist

With USDA-ARS Center for Grain and Animal Health Research. The recording is available on the North Central IPM YouTube Channel.

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