NIFA Update for Stakeholders and Partners on Indirect Costs

At the FY 2019 National Extension and Research Administrative Officers’ Conference (NERAOC), NIFA provided information regarding the 30 percent indirect cost limit established by the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (i.e., 2018 Farm Bill), (Pub. L. 115-334) for many of NIFA’s competitive programs (see NIFA’s Indirect Cost Chart for program applicability). Given the information provided, NERAOC participants requested that NIFA seek further clarification on the application of the new 30 percent indirect cost limit; NIFA committed to doing so and then providing updated and expanded guidance. NIFA received clarification and is pleased to report that for several scenarios, this clarification provides a less restrictive application of the indirect cost limit than what was originally described at NERAOC.

NIFA updated the previously published indirect cost calculation to provide further clarity and prepared Frequently Asked Questions that include scenarios in response to requests of NERAOC attendees. These resources are available on the NIFA Farm Bill webpage. Additionally, available is the 2018 Farm Bill Matching Requirements Frequently Asked Questions

NIFA values the partnership with stakeholders and partners, and the result of these interactions demonstrates the importance and benefit of that relationship.

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