Plan of Work and REEport Integration Update

NIFA deployed the most recent release to the Institutional Profile on March 22, 2019. The enhancements provide the necessary functionality to support the 2020 Plan of Work (POW) reporting process.

The release provides two key features particularly relevant to our partners’ ability to complete and submit their 2020 POW reports. The first major feature enables our land-grant partners to manage roles within the Institutional Profile. Land-grant institutions may administer system access to ensure the right individuals have the appropriate access to meet the 2020 POW report deadline of June 1, 2019. The second feature relates to the alignment of NIFA’s Science Emphasis Areas (SEAs) with state-defined critical issues. This alignment will facilitate further integration activities with REEport information collection, improve data quality and integrity, and provide a more clear connection between state-defined and NIFA priorities.

A third highlight pertains to the addition of new extension sites to the REEport system. REEport site administrators from 1862 and 1890 land-grant university (LGU) sites will soon be assigned to the newly created extension sites affiliated with their institutions. The creation of these sites and administrator assignments are in anticipation of the extension program initiation reporting that will be required later this year. NIFA encourages LGU deans and directors to work together to determine who will be the most appropriate site administrator to manage future REEport roles for these extension sites. The assigned site administrator will have the ability to manage the access and roles as decisions are made.

For more information visit Plan of Work and REEport Integration: Institutional Profile and Plan of Work and REEport Integration: Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this important initiative. For questions contact

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