Corn Growth and Development-University of Nebraska, CropWatch

Corn ear issues that affronted Nebraska in 2016 still plague some farmers, reducing productivity and causing us, as researchers, to continue to ponder possible causes.

In July 2016, ear formation issues in the state were reported in several corn fields ranging from the Texas Panhandle to eastern Colorado and through Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. Nebraska’s reports ranged from Dawson to Saunders counties and south to Kansas with numerous reports in Clay and Thayer counties. A CropWatch article was released to raise awareness of these issues (Elmore et al., 2016). In 2017, a follow up article was released in the Crop Production Clinic Proceedings (McMechan et al., 2017). Our current article summarizes what we’ve learned to  date.

To review the full article from University of Nebraska’s CropWatch, click here.

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