A Message from Director of NCIPMC

Dear NCIPMC Partners and Friends,

During my 18 years with the North Central IPM Center (NCIPMC) I have had the pleasure of collaborating on many interesting and impactful integrated pest management projects. A few notable efforts of the NCIPMC include:

  • Addressing numerous invasive species issues including the development of the Regional/National Pest Alert series.
  • Raising the visibility of new crop protection technologies and current issues in pest management such as resistance in the recent CAST publication, Crop Protection Contributions toward Agricultural Productivity.
  • Continuing to improve our IPM tools and their implementation through the NCIPMC’s Critical Issues Grants Program.
  • Establishing a strong network of dedicated professionals who are quick to share their expertise and respond to pest management issues that benefit our region and beyond through our NCIPMC Working Groups.
  • Assisting Tribal Nations with pest management issues that impact their cultural and traditional practices.

Effective August 31, 2018, I stepped down as Director of the NCIPMC and have turned over leadership over to my long-time Co-Director Lynnae Jess of Michigan State University along with Daren Mueller and Laura Jesse Iles of Iowa State University. I will remain at the University of Illinois through 2019 finalizing reports and working to close out the current NCIPMC grant so I look forward to our continued collaborations on those existing projects.

Thank you for making my time with the North Central IPM Center so fun and memorable, Sue

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