Eastern Broccoli Project Webinar on Produce Safety

The Eastern Broccoli Project is offering a webinar that you, your colleagues, and eastern growers may find informative. Please share news of this event and encourage anyone interested to complete the online registration form.

We have two of the top people in produce-safety. They are known for finding sensible and effective ways to make sure the produce going out does not have pathogens.

UVM Agricultural Engineer Chris Callahan, Produce Safety Alliance Director Elizabeth Bihn, and their colleagues will present a webinar on Monday, May 14 at 2 p.m. on “Produce Safety for Broccoli Producers”, which will include an overview of food safety regulations (coverage thresholds and compliance dates, FSMA, Produce Safety Rule) and broccoli-specific considerations, plus an overview of educational materials being developed through the Eastern Broccoli Project.

Broccoli growers have particular sanitation challenges during cooling and icing, and all vegetable growers are looking for good water management and surface sanitation. Growers considering adding broccoli to their mix may need to make an investment in cooling equipment that meets recent sanitation requirements; this should be an excellent guide for making that investment effectively.

You can find more details about the webinar and a registration form on the Eastern Broccoli Project blog at this link: https://blogs.cornell.edu/easternbroccoliproject/2018/04/24/produce-safety-webinar-for-broccoli-producers/#.Wt991uJmF04.twitter.  Those registering specify issues they would like to see addressed. That

There is also a link to the post in the Eastern Broccoli Twitter feed here: https://twitter.com/easternbroccoli/status/988857245961158656

Please share news of this event and encourage anyone interested to complete the online registration form.  There is no charge for the registration or the webinar.


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