Research Manager at NDSU in Plant Pathology

The Department of Plant Pathology at North Dakota State University seeks a Research Manager to conduct research on diseases of economic importance to the dry bean and pulse industries of the northern Great Plains. A successful candidate will i) assist the PI, colleagues and cooperators in designing, preparing and completing research experiments encompassing all areas of plant pathology as well as preparing manuscripts for publication; ii) train and supervise graduate students, temporary employees and support personnel; iii) maintain and organize all pathogen culture collections log-term; iv) ensure all employees have sufficient supplies, equipment, support, etc. to perform research; v) support the PI in development of new and existing projects towards the goal of advancing research and disseminating results through reports, presentations and refereed journal publications. Specific research areas will include fungicide efficacy, host genetic resistance and pathogen variability using laboratory, greenhouse and field techniques. A successful candidate must be well-trained in both classical and modern areas of plant pathology. The appointment is for 12 months with extension possible depending on satisfactory performance and funding. Applications will be accepted and more information can be viewed at

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