Organic Crop and Conservation Specialist

Located in rural Waldo County, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) is seeking an Organic Crop and Conservation Specialist. MOFGA, a leader in the organic agriculture movement, is looking for a dynamic individual interested in working with Maine’s growing organic farming segment. The individual will work with other Agricultural Services Staff to provide support for all aspects of organic crop production, and assistance to farm operations across the state with organic certification.
MOFGA was the first organization in the country to provide technical assistance specific to organic farming and gardening. The Agricultural Services staff provides farming, gardening and marketing assistance to growers in Maine and beyond. The staff assists seasoned organic growers, helps new organic farmers get started, and educates conventional farmers concerning the benefits of organic methods.
The Organic Crop and Conservation Specialist is expected to provide Maine organic farmers and gardeners with knowledge needed to be successful in organic crop production, through direct contact and written materials. As a member of the MOFGA staff he/she will encourage the use of organic practices among Maine’s farming community, particularly through interaction with related farming associations, and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.
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