First Annual Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Online Conference

First Annual Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Online Conference
Northeastern IPM Center
October 20, 2015

The first annual Northeastern IPM Center (NEIPMC) Online Conference will feature updates from active projects funded by the NEIPMC’s Partnership Grants Program. In addition, the online conference will have updates from IPM-related projects funded through the Northeastern Sustainable Agriculture and Education (NE SARE) Program.

The rapid style conference will feature 5 minute presentations in which the speakers will discuss, show, or possibly sing about 1 or 2 highlights from their projects. The purpose of the conference is to increase collaboration and awareness about current IPM-related research and extension in the Northeast in a fun way.

Anyone with an internet connection is invited to watch this exciting new event hosted by the Northeastern IPM Center. Below is a list of the projects that will be discussed during the approximately 2 1/2 hour event that will take place using the WebEx online media platform.

Time Speaker (project funded by) – Title of project

9:30 am Jim Weber (NE SARE) – Management strategies for reducing exposure of grazing sheep to Barber Pole worm
9:35 am Alan Leslie & Kelly Hamby & Cerruti Hooks (NEIPMC) – Multitasking marigold to strengthen organic IPM in beans
9:40 am Lynn Braband (NEIPMC) – School IPM outreach in the Northeast
9:45 am Mary Kay Malinoski (NEIPMC) – Invasive insect & disease outreach, detection, and reporting
9:50 am Yolanda Chen (NEIPMC) R&D on organic management options for the invasive swede midge
9:55 am Break – Q&A Discussion
10:00 am Nina Jenkins (NEIPMC) – Biopesticide technology for IPM of bed bugs
10:05 am Hilary Sandler (NEIPMC) – Weed IPM in cranberry
10:10 am Donna Ellis (NEIPMC) – Invasive plant update
10:15 am Mahfuz Rahman (NE SARE) – Bio-fumigation and biological control of verticillium wilt on tomato
10:20 am Break – Q&A Discussion
10:30 am Quan Zeng (NEIPMC) – Survey of streptomycin resistance in New England orchards
10:35 am Tatiana Stanton (NE SARE) – Innovative methods to control worms in goats and sheep
10:40 am Paul Leisnham (NE SARE) – Socio-ecological dynamics of urban mosquitoes
10:45 am Darcy Telenko (NE SARE) – Evaluation of novel bird repellants in vegetable crops
10:50 am Break – Q&A Discussion
11:00 am Robyn Underwood (NEIPMC) – Beekeeping philosophy and bee health
11:05 am Heather Karsten (NE SARE) – Diverse rotations and IPM impact on corn pests
11:10 am John Tooker (NE SARE) – Neonics disrupt biological control
11:15 am Jody Gangloff-Kauffman (NEIPMC) The Scientific Coalition of Pest Exclusion (SCOPE 2020) IPM Working Group
11:20 am Break – Q&A Discussion
11:30 am Brenna Traver (NEIPMC) Nosema ceranae
11:35 am Amy Papineau (NEIPMC) Pollinator Habitat Working Group
11:40 am Joseph Ingerson-Mahar (NE SARE) Pepper weevil pathways in New Jersey
11:45 am Richard Cowles (NEIPMC) Spotted Winged Drosophila Management
11:50 am Break – Q&A Discussion
12:00 noon End of conference – recorded presentations available online ( by October 27, 2015


NEIMPC First Online Conference
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
9:30 am | Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) | 2 hrs 30 mins

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Meeting number: 649 306 358
Meeting password: MvJEVQn9

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Access code: 649 306 358
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