Opening announced for Research Scientist, Insect Molecular Biology

Vestaron Corporation

 Organization: Vestaron Corporation

 Phone: 269-372-8745

 Address: 4717 Campus Drive, Suite 1200, Southwest Michigan Innovation Center, Kalamazoo, MI 49008


 Brief Description of Position: Research Scientist, Insect Molecular Biology

As a part of the Research team the successful candidate will be responsible for advancing products into the Development portfolio.  The incumbent shall play a key leadership role in identifying, expressing and profiling peptide candidates.  She/He will develop effective strategies to accomplish the Company’s goals and then lead the successful execution of those strategies.  The ideal candidate will hold a Ph.D. in a molecular biology relevant field.  We are seeking an individual who has a strong technical background combined demonstrated communication and team work skills.

The scientist is expected to focus on high level expression of cysteine rich peptides in a variety of bacterial, yeast and potentially algal and plant systems. The scientist will work as part of a team to increase levels of expression and validate fit with potential commercial product concepts. The scientist will be expected to have experience with a variety of molecular biology techniques involved in heterologous expression of small proteins/peptides. Additional experience with insecticides, insect testing and ion channels would be advantageous.

Brief Description of Organization:

Vestaron Corporation develops next generation insecticides using peptides from spiders and other venomous animals. Vestaron is launching its first EPA approved product in 2016. Additional products under development have new modes of action, are highly effective against insects and related pests and are harmless to non-target species, including humans. Target markets include agriculture, animal health and specialty non-crop uses such as household insects. Vestaron products will be ideally suited for the environmentally conscious twenty-first century.

Vestaron is Michigan’s leading venture backed agriculture biotechnology company. All employees participate in stock ownership of the company vested over time.

General functions the organization is hiring:

Research scientists and associates


A Ph.D. degree in a field relevant to the position (preferably Entomology or Agriculture, but a more general degree such as Biology with relevant experience will be considered).  At least four years of relevant laboratory work experience is preferred but not required.

Candidates for the position will need to be able to communicate well, be well organized, and work well in groups or alone. Basic analytical and problem solving skills, basic computer literacy and statistical analysis are required. The candidate is expected to be a self-starter capable of driving projects from discovery to development. This will involve both individual work and team work potentially leveraging outside relationships and collaborations.

Experience with the majority of the following additional skills is expected in the successful applicant: Basic microbiology and bacterial culture, PCR, restriction digestions, DNA purifications, DNA ligation reactions, transformations and cultures of competent bacterial strains, protein/peptide purification, reverse-phase HPLC, DNA sequence analysis, protein sequence analysis, rtPCR, mutagenic PCR, Western Blotting, fermentation, competitive binding assays, high-throughput screening/high-throughput bioassays.

If interested in this position please send a cover letter and resume with contact information to:

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