Video about Bt crops, resistance and management released

The link to the full-length video is here:

Link to a shorter version for Twitter/Facebook etc., is here:

This link will allow anyone to download the shorter video for Twitter and other social media needs:

The goal for this product is that this be relevant and useful for growers, consultants, and anybody else who wants to know about Bt crops and resistance. There does not seem to be a similar video on Youtube that covers this ground, so hopefully this will fill a niche and provide some useful information and be a starting point for a discussion that will continue as Bt crop challenges mount.

The committee who developed the video consisted of:

Chris Difonzo, Michigan State University

Christian Krupke, Purdue University

Jocelyn Smith, Ridgetown campus, University of Guelph

Joseph Spencer, Illinois Natural History Survey

Special thanks also to the following industry partners, who provided input and reviews on the script and participated in our phone meetings from start to finish:

Miles Lepping, Dow Agrosciences

Clint Pilcher, DuPont-Pioneer

Dwain Rule, Dow Agrosciences

Funding was provided through the North Central Regional Association (NCRA) with a $2k contribution from each of the following member universities:

Michigan State


Ohio State

University of Illinois

University of Nebraska



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