BerTek Inc. seeks Veterinary Entomologist

Title:  Staff Entomologist 

Education required:  Advanced Degree in Veterinary Entomology


  1. All duties and responsibilities of a Technical Assistant
  2. Oversee operation and maintenance of parasite colonies
  3. Oversee conduct of testing/studies
  4. Liaison with contracting companies
  5. Manage personnel


  1. Train and supervise personnel
  2. Review SOPs, protocols, contracts and final reports
  3. Assist Laboratory Director in handling confidentiality and monetary agreements
  4. Assist Laboratory Director in conduct of studies according to SOPs, protocol, EPA, FDA and USDA APHIS regulations
  5. Assist Laboratory Director in maintaining animal health
  6. Assist Laboratory Director in ordering supplies and materials


  1. Usually self-trained in most area

Attend meetings, symposiums, etc. for additional information and training

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