Cornell announces new Graduate Masters of Science (MS) Program in Entomology: Vector-Borne Disease Biology 

The Northeast Regional Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Diseases (NEVBD) together with Cornell’s Department of Entomology are excited to announce a new Master of Science in Entomology: Vector-Borne Disease Biology graduate program. The NEVBD is funded through the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with the overarching purpose of addressing the most pressing educational and applied research needs in vector-borne disease biology for the US Northeast region.

Graduates in the program can expect to interact with medical entomologists, virologists, epidemiologists, field ecologists, modelers, and molecular biologists not only at Cornell, but also at leading academic, state government, and public health institutions in the Northeast through our collaborative Center for Excellence, including Columbia University, the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and the New York State Department of Health.
You can access more information about this program and learn how to apply by visiting the Cornell Department of Entomology website at


Three primary goals
1.Conduct applied research to develop and validate effective vector-borne disease prevention and control tools and methods necessary to anticipate and respond to disease outbreaks
2.Train a cadre of public health entomologists with the knowledge and skills required to rapidly detect, prevent, and respond to vector-borne disease threats in the USA
3.Build effective collaborations between academic communities and public health organizations at federal, state, and local levels for vector-borne disease surveillance, response, and prevention

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