University of Minnesota Extension seeks Pesticide Safety & Environmental Education Co-Coordinator

Co-Coordinator, St. Paul campus 
Job Opening ID: 318205

Pesticide Safety & Environmental Education (PSEE), University of Minnesota Extension, provides statewide education and leadership for pesticide related topics of safety, health, security and environmental protection using Integrated Pest Management and occupational safety frameworks with substantial economic and quality of life impacts. The Co-coordinator is responsible for administering and managing research-based pesticide safety education working in partnership with the PSEE team, field and campus Extension faculty and through coordination with the MN Dept. of Agricultural and networking with external cooperators.  The Co-coordinator will design, develop, deliver, market, evaluate, manage budgets and oversea the coordination of logistics for learner-focused and demand-driven educational workshops, courses, presentations, publications and other materials for certified and other pesticide applicators. This is a new position and will be part of PSEE’s effort to utilize evolving educational technology to better meet the changing needs of diverse learners while achieving publicly valued outcomes within the mission of University of Minnesota Extension.

PSEE is seeking a person capable of providing pesticide safety educational leadership in one or more of the following areas:

1. Agricultural crops, fruits, vegetables or related area including seed treatments or the production of other food, feed, medicinal or fiber plants.

2. Natural resources including forestry, rights-of-way, native vegetation/prairie or aquatic environments.

3. Turf, urban trees and shrubs, landscape and interior plants, greenhouse, nursery or other ornamental plants

4. Pesticide ‘core’ topics including one or more of the following: occupational health and safety, safe handling of pesticides, regulatory compliance, Integrated Pest Management, pesticide application equipment or environmental protection (pesticide drift and other off site movement, water, wildlife, non-target organisms, pollinators, waste management or  ecosystems).

Information about the position and how to apply can be found at:

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