Protect Yourself from Pesticides poster available

From IPM in the South

By Rosemary Hallberg

On June 30 the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) launched its next resource, “Protect Yourself from Pesticides”, a poster satisfying the display requirements of the revised 2015 Worker Protection Standard (§170.311).

The poster is available on the PERC website in two sizes (11”x17” and 22”x34.5”) and in a combination of English and Spanish:

  1. English/Spanish – small size
  2. English/Spanish – large size
  3. English only – small size
  4. English only – large size
  5. Spanish only – small size
  6. Spanish only – large size

The posters may also be downloaded from the PERC website here:

Please note that the colors used in the poster were chosen to accommodate readers with color-blindness, and the text was written at a sixth grade literacy level.

PERC is collaborating with the National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC) to promote the sale of printed posters to help support pesticide safety education nationally. Later this week you will be able to order and purchase printed copies of the posters here: Offerings will include double-sided posters in two languages, lamination, and bundle pricing.

This poster was developed through a cooperative agreement between the EPA and the University of California Davis Extension, in cooperation with Oregon State University (cooperative agreement #X8-83616301). Many thanks to the project’s leader/coordinator, Alicia Leytem, subject matter experts Derrick Terada and Juan Concha, contributors Sean Ross and Kaci Buhl, project assistant Hannah Moore, printing partner Tom Smith, illustrator Circlepoint, focus group coordinator Karina Goicochea, and a host of partners around the nation who performed focus groups with diverse agricultural workers and pesticide handlers, evaluating the effectiveness of draft versions.

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