CDC offers online 11-part training program on vector control

The CDC is now offering a new online 11-part training program on vector control. This is a free online training.  Course sessions include IPM basics, mosquito biology and control, tick biology and control, rodent management, bed bug biology and control, school considerations, pests in food and housing, and risk communication.  The series may appeal to public health individuals, and professionals in mosquito control, bed bug control, structural pest control, local and state public health department staff. CEUs credit is also give for completion.

A subset of courses just on Zika is also included. Check it all out through the link below.

CDC and partners have a new vector control online training curriculum for environmental health professionals working in government agencies, tribal organizations, schools, and businesses. The training—Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals (VCEHP)—emphasizes the use of integrated pest management to address public health pests and vectors that spread pathogens, including Zika virus and others.

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