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Host a Better Field Day

You’ve done some interesting work: You had a great idea, tried it on your farm and got surprising results. Now, you want to share those results with other farmers and ranchers. The only problem is, you’re busy and constantly pressed for time. Who has time to plan a field day? Thankfully, SARE’s new Farmer Field Day Toolkit is here to take off some of the pressure and get the right tools and tips into your hands.

A free, digital Farmer Field Day Toolkit is a comprehensive resource of step-by-step instructions, timelines, and downloadable tools and templates for planning and hosting a successful event. Plus, users will learn the ins and outs of working with the media, creating press releases and PSAs, generating public interest, capturing the event with video and sharing it online.

Download the toolkit now.

Whether through trial and error or the completion of an on-farm research project, farmers and ranchers are the keepers of knowledge and skills that can help others succeed. With advance planning and coordination, you can use your field day to educate others on best practices, specific management practices and equipment, or to highlight research methods and results. It’s a win-win for you, who may benefit from an increased market and brand recognition, and your attendees, who may be inspired to take what they’ve learned and adapt it for their own production system.

This toolkit offers ideal support to farmers and ranchers who have received a SARE grant and are interested in holding a field day to fulfill their outreach requirement. But the toolkit can be used by anybody interested in hosting a field day.

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