North Central Integrated Pest Management Center announces FY17 working group and critical issue grant awards

The North Central Integrated Pest Management Center (NCIPMC) provided funding opportunities for two grants programs in FY17 with approximately $450,000 available in funding.

The FY17 NCIPMC Critical Issues Grants Program has funded four projects identified as critical issues that will address needs of regional importance. The program is designed to provide one-time seed funding to help initiate work requiring immediate attention until other longer-term resources can be secured to address the issue.

FY17 Critical Issues funded projects:

• Bee Integrated Demonstration Project, Mike Smith, Conservation Technology Information Center,
• A Community-Based Approach to Integrated Pest-Resistance Management Affecting Corn and Soybean: Case Studies for the North Central Region, Steven Bradbury, Iowa State University,
• Provide Online IPM Training for Schools, Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America,
• Bt Resistance Screening to Inform IPM for Western Bean Cutworm, Julie Peterson, University of Nebraska,

The FY17 NCIPMC Working Groups Grants Program will support 16 working group that includes 13 continuing working groups and three new working group projects. NCIPMC working groups are self-selected, self-directed projects that expand the pest management network throughout the region and beyond. These groups have increased information exchange and expanded pest management knowledge to enhance IPM adoption and provide solutions to critical pest issues.

New working groups:

• Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group, Iris Caldwell, University of Illinois-Chicago,
• Midwest Grows Green Lawn & Land Forum Working Group, Ryan Anderson, Midwest
Pesticide Action Center,
• Multi-State Field Crops Extension Working Group, Daren Mueller, Iowa State University,

Working groups continuing in 2017 with additional funds:

• Improving the IPM Capacity of Certified Crop Advisors, Peter Werts, IPM Institute of North America,
• Great Lakes Fruit, Julianna Wilson, Michigan State University,
• Great Lakes Hops, Erin Lizotte, Michigan State University,
• Great Lakes Urban Agriculture IPM, Jacqueline Kowalski, Ohio State University,
• North Central Nursery IPM, Robert Schutzki, Michigan State University,
• Organic and IPM: Strengthening the Alliance, Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America,
• Public Tick, Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America,
• Pulse Crops Working Group, Julie Pasche, North Dakota State University,
• North Central School IPM, Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America,
• Sunflower Pathology, Sam Markell, North Dakota State University,

Working groups continuing in 2017 on a no cost extension:

• Northern Plains IPM Guide, Emmanuel Bayamukama, South Dakota State University,
• Great Lakes Vegetable, Angela Orshinsky, University of Minnesota,
• IC Scope: Pest Exclusion in Commercial Food Handling, Steve Kells, University of Minnesota,

To facilitate sharing of programming with other working groups in the region, each project has a representative on the NCIPMC Stakeholder Panel and attends an annual meeting to provide an update of activities. If interested in joining a working group, contact the lead project director for more information. To learn more about establishing a working group and the competitive process, contact Susan Ratcliffe ( or Lynnae Jess (

These projects are funded through a USDA-NIFA award (2014-70006-22486).

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