National Needs Fellowships in Integrated Pesticide Resistance Management

Doctor of plant health

The Doctor of Plant Health (DPH) program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has three National Needs Fellowship openings for students entering the DPH program who are interested in focusing on stewarding pest management technologies to avoid negative interactions between management tactics and other crop management strategies. Resistance management requires greater understanding of the entire agricultural system, and as such, the interdisciplinary emphasis of the DPH program provides a unique opportunity to address this critical issue.

NNF fellows will build leadership potential and develop a deeper understanding of resistance management through: 1) the interdisciplinary nature of the DPH program, 2) exposure to resistance management research, 3) development of educational and Extension resources, and 4) integrative experiences through internships. Fellows will gain experience working with one of the three disciplines involved (Weed Science, Plant Pathology, Entomology) and work together in a team to develop integrated on-line resistance management educational modules.

Fellowships will be competitively awarded to U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals with excellent academic and leadership abilities who have been accepted into the DPH program. Fellowship awardees must have a strong interest in an integrated professional career path with career interests in working in tomorrow’s sustainable agricultural systems.

The Doctor of Plant Health is a professional degree focused on developing high level plant practitioners who can function across the whole production system. The DPH program emphasizes broad interdisciplinary education across all plant-related disciplines along with a focus on practical experiential training, rather than a total focus on research. As a Doctor of Plant Health, you will develop plant management systems that maximize their economic, environmental, and social sustainability and apply science as a diagnostician to identify and correct plant health problems.

Students must be accepted into the DPH program with a start date no later than January 2018 to be considered for the National Needs Fellowships. The level of funding for each fellowship awardee is $24,500 per year for three years and income will be supplemented with summer employment. Evaluation of candidates will begin on March 1, 2017 and will continue until suitable candidates are identified. More information on the DPH program, including admission requirements, application procedures, and fellowship opportunities can be found on our website:

Contact Dr. Gary Hein (402-472-3345;, Program Director, with questions related to the Doctor of Plant Health program or these and other opportunities for financial support.

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Robert Wright is a Professor and Extension Entomologist at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. You can reach him by email at Follow him on Twitter @BobWrightUNL
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