Webinar: PAM: a bioeconomic decision-support tool for guiding the management of Palmer amaranth

From IPM in the Siuth by Rosemary Hallberg

Herbicide resistance in Palmer amaranth (known as Palmer pigweed) is a serious issue in the Southern US and is spreading to several other states. Repeated use of a few herbicide mechanisms of action (MOA) without sufficient management diversity is the common cause of this resistance. A proactive resistance management strategy that integrates diverse chemical and non-chemical tools will help prevent/manage resistance and preserve the utility of available herbicide options.

This webinar provides a general overview and demonstration of a new Microsoft-Excel based decision support tool that guides informed decision making for effective management of this weed, with particular focus on soil seedbank management and profitability. Users can build their own management programs and see for themselves how effective their pigweed management program is, as well as overall economic outcomes associated with their options. This tool also predicts the likely risk of resistance for the management program built by the user.

Date and time: Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 3 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Muthu Bagavathiannan, Assistant Professor, weed science and agronomy, Texas A&M University

Dr. Bagavathiannan’s research interests fall within the broader area of Weed Science and Agronomy, with particular emphasis on weed ecology and management. The threat of herbicide resistance is immense in broad-acre systems, leading to loss of effective herbicide options, increased herbicide use and unintended impacts on the broader environment. To this effect, Dr. Bagavathiannan seeks to understand the evolutionary biology and dynamics of herbicide resistance in weed communities and develop integrated weed management (IWM) solutions encompassing chemical and non-chemical tactics to prevent/effectively manage herbicide resistance. He utilizes simulation modeling tools to answer some of the fundamental research questions surrounding herbicide resistance evolution and guide management decision-making and takes an inter-disciplinary approach to addressing problems.
How to join:
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