OSU releases Carrot Weevil Scouting video

A new video created by Elizabeth Long, Ohio State University Department of Entomology, about a significant pest of parsley in Ohio, the carrot weevil, has been released.  This video was funded by USDA NIFA and the Integrated Pest Management Program but produced, shot, and edited by Long and members of her lab. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/cg0NWCMA9Xk

Long notes that the carrot weevil is a threat to parsley, carrots and celery. It’s small size and dark color make it difficult to spot in dark soils. The key scouting window is late May through mid-June.

For more information there is a carrot weevil fact sheet. The fact sheet is available both in hard copy and online (An Integrated Pest Management Program for Carrot Weevil in Parsley. CV- 1001-02.)  http://ohioline.osu.edu/cv-fact/1001.html). 

For the Parsley Pest Management Strategic Plan For Ohio go to http://www.ipmcenters.org/pmsp/pdf/OHparsleyPMSP.pdf




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