Video: Challenges in School IPM

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Growers and consultants on the farm typically use integrated pest management to save money and prevent unneeded pesticide applications. In schools, however, IPM is seen as “extra” expenses and work. As Auburn University Extension Specialist Lawrence C. “Fudd” Graham explains, school IPM is an ongoing challenge in every state, including in those that have active laws.

School IPM videoIn this video of his presentation to the Southern IPM Center Advisory Council, Dr. Graham explains how pest management in a school differs from pest management on a farm. In schools, he says, IPM is successful only if staff, administration, teachers and students contribute. And when schools are well-maintained and clean, pest complaints decrease and food safety ratings increase.

The Southern Region School IPM Working Group, of which Dr. Graham is a member, has received several regional and national grants for school IPM resources and priorities, including an ID booklet, cost analysis and an eXtension community of practice. The links below lead to several of the websites mentioned during the video (and some that are not).

School IPM Newsletters and Pest Presses

Pest Management In and Around Structures (eXtension Community of Practice)



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